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About Caltory

Caltory Management Solutions was a business services company that provided bookkeeping, marketing, and financial consulting services to small businesses from the South Bay to Southern Orange County in Southern California. The Company's client roster included a range of companies in the service, manufacturing, distribution, retail, and non-profit industries. The company ceased operations upon the retirement and relocation of its principal, Bill Morgon.


Bill Morgon worked in commercial banking for twenty years and served as Executive Vice-President and Senior Lending Officer for two National Banks until retiring in 1993 to found Caltory Management Solutions. He retired in late 2015 and relocated to Ohio in 2016.

Bill's personal background includes four years in the Air Force, a degree in Economics from Long Beach State, and graduate studies in Classics and Philosophy at San Diego State. He is a proud father and grandfather and lives with his wife Susan in Wadsworth, Ohio.


Online bookkeeping services can save money and time. For data entry, reconciliations,, payroll, and financial statements, contact us for a quote.
Even with a well thought out marketing plan, execution can be time consuming, and draw a small business owner away from satisfying existing customers.


If a 941 FIT liability is not paid in full, the company is liable. Further, if a 941 FICA liability is not paid in full, the IRS can seek remedy from the "responsible person," which may be the bookkeeper.


1. The employer is ultimately responsible for the deposit and payment of federal tax liabilities. Even though you forward the tax payments to the third party to make the tax deposits, you - the employer - are the responsible party. If the third party fails to make the federal tax payments, the IRS may assess penalties and interest. The employer is liable for all taxes, penalties and interest due. The IRS can also hold you personally liable for certain unpaid federal taxes.

2. If there are any issues with an account, the IRS will send correspondence to the address of record. The IRS strongly suggests you do not change the address of record to that of the payroll service provider. That could limit your ability to stay informed of tax matters involving your business.

3. Choose a payroll service provider that uses the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System. You can register on the EFTPS system to get your own PIN to verify the payment