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Using QuickBooks to Track and Calculate Sales Rep Commissions

QuickBooks can track sales by Sales Representatives, but cannot automatically calculate commissions for those Reps. There are third party applications that work in conjunction with QuickBooks that can do so—at an additional cost. With a little bit of effort—and the help of Excel or a similar spreadsheet application, sales commissions can be calculated in house for free.

Step 1: Add a Sales Rep:

A)  Go to: Lists … Customer & Vendor Profile Lists Sales Rep List:

B)  Select Sales Rep Tab … New

C: Enter name of new Sales Rep:

D: At prompt, select Set Up:

E: At Select Name Type prompt, select Other;

F: In the New Name window, enter pertinent data for the new Sales Rep and click OK:

G: Press Tab (to insure Initials and “Other” appear) in New Sales Rep and click OK:

H: Review Sales Rep List to insure new name has been added accurately:

I: Close the Sales Rep List window.


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