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Using QuickBooks to Track and Calculate Sales Rep Commissions

Step 3: Create a sales form for use that includes Sales Reps and Sales Rep Commission rates:

You now want to modify an existing QuickBooks sales template to reflect both the Sales Rep and the commission rate for appropriate sales.

A) Go to Lists … Templates:

B) Select a sales form that you expect to use for Sales Rep commissioned sales. Here, we use the Intuit Product Invoice. Any sales form can be used, including Sales Receipts.

A)    The Invoice form will open. Select Customize, at the upper right corner of the form:

D) The Customize Your QuickBooks Forms window will open. Select Customize Data Layout from the Customize the data layout on a form option:

E) A warning regarding changes to templates will open. Select Make a Copy to keep the original form intact and create a new template for the specific purpose of use with commissioned sales.  

F) The Additional Customization window will appear. Your new custom field Commission Rate will appear at the bottom in the Header tab.

If it is not selected, select the REP option in the Header section.

Next, select the Commission Rate option. NOTE: If you want the Commission rate to appear only on Invoices as they are created in QuickBooks and not in copies provided to your customers, select only Screen as an option and leave the Print option deselected. Be sure to enter “Commission Rate” (or other desired title) as the caption for the field being added to the new form.

G) Next, Select Basic Customization … at the bottom of the Additional Customization window:

H) The Basic Customization window will appear. Select Manage Templates

The Manage Templates window will appear. In the Preview section on the right, rename your new Invoice in the Template Name section. Here, we’ve renamed our invoice “Product Invoice – Reps and Comm.”

Click OK on the Manage Template, Basic Customization, and Additional Customization windows. Save and close the Create Invoice window.

I)                   Verify that your new form has been retained as a template. Go to Lists … Templates

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