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Using QuickBooks to Track and Calculate Sales Rep Commissions

Step 6: Creating a Report:

QuickBooks can now track sales and group them by Sales Rep. To calculate commissions, however, it is necessary to generate a report in QuickBooks and export it to Excel or a similar spreadsheet application.

A)    Create a custom report that shows sales by Sales Rep with Commission Rates. Go to Reports … Sales … Sales by Rep Detail.

This opens the Sales by Rep Detail Report:

The Report is a default QuickBooks report that you’ll want to modify and memorize as a new Report.

B: Select Modify Report …

C: Select Commission Rate and deselect Memo, Amount, and Balance. Click OK. The Report will appear as:

D: To help when the report is exported to Excel, move the Commission Rate column to the right of Sales Price. When you place the cursor over Commission Rate, a hand will appear. With your left mouse button depressed, move the field to the far right.

Rename the report by going the Header/Footer tab and changing the caption of the Report Title:

Next, memorize the report. Click the Memorize button at the top of the window, rename the report as you deem appropriate, and click OK.


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