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Purchase Orders in QuickBooks

In the example below, Acme Products has ordered two Large Framjazzles and three small widgets.

1. From Vendors, select Create Purchase Orders.

2. Enter the Vendor. For drop shipments, enter the customer name in the Ship To drop-down box.

3. If the shipment is received with a bill, select Receive Items and Enter Bill from the Vendors Menu.

4. Enter the Vendor name.

5. A prompt will appear notifying you that an open Purchase Order Exists for this vendor: Select Yes.

6. Verify the P.O. Number (probably indicated on the Invoice for the received items.) Select the P.O.

7. If all items from Purchase Order are received, accept the defaulted totals and click OK. Otherwise, change QTY to reflect correct number of received items. Select Billable? boxes.

8. Select Save & Close.

9. Create an Invoice for your customer. From the Customers menu, select Create Invoices.

10.  Enter the customer name on the blank invoice form. A prompt indicating the customer has outstanding billable costs will appear. Choose Select the outstanding billable time and costs to add to this invoice? and then OK.

11.  The Choose Billable Time and Costs window will open.  Select the Items tab and the items being received.

12. The selected items will be entered on the Invoice form.  Review quantities and other details of the invoice and print/save the document as desired.

Partial Shipments: In some cases, Partial Shipments are received. The following illustrates such a case.

In this example, only one of each item is received. Follow the procedures above, but when completing the Bill, change the amounts to those received. In this example, only one framjazzle and one widget was received.

The invoice options will be limited to the amount actually received:

And the Invoice will default to these amounts.

The Purchase Order will remain open. To find it, go to Reports … Vendors …  Open Purchase Orders.

Note that the Purchase Order now reflects both the received items and the backorder for items not yet received.

When the rest of the order arrives, QuickBooks will reflect the remaining items only. Select them, following the procedures detailed above.