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Setting Up A Restricted New User

You must be signed on as the QuickBooks administrator to create a new user.

1.      Go to the Company menu … Set Up Users.

Restricted Use 

2. Even If you’re signed on as Administrator, you’ll need to reenter your password in the next window.

3. This will open up the User List window:

4. After Selecting Add User, the Set up user password wizard guides you through new user requirements and restrictions. A series of windows follow when you click Next that will guide you through the various sections of QuickBooks that can be limited for restricted users:

5. The effects of the restrictions above on user “CABOE” are significant. He will be unable to see most QuickBooks reports (such as the balance sheet and operating statement) but will have access to all sales reports under the sales menu in the report center.

Restricted Use 

If user CABOE opens the Employee Center, he sees this:

Restricted Use

If he clicks the Transactions tab, this appears:

Restricted User

QuickBooks does not conceal customer details when permissions for sales are allowed. Thus, access to customer phone and contact details are open to him.