An Evening in July

Sunset was near. I walked to the street to the mailbox and saw our neighbor Sarah drive up. I was eager to see her as I wanted to tell her about the Rose Breasted Grosbeak that had appeared in the large pine tree outside our kitchen window. Sarah’s bird feeder in her back yard attracts a wide variety of birds and the Grosbeak, feathered in well-defined black and white with a bright red patch on its breast, is among the most beautiful. Sarah had seen a Grosbeak too last week and we talked about how the bird, large among his peers, claims exclusivity when at the feeder. Looking skyward, we saw black clouds swirling in the west. The clouds were getting close. Prudence dictated we cut short our talk and bid each other good evening. Continue reading “An Evening in July”

Christmas 2018

Memory is a mystery: years of experiences are compacted into some enigmatic space, or spaces, in the brain. Memory is inconsistent: we remember some things well.  Some, not so much. Memory can be faulty; “has it really been that long since we talked?” Memory can be debilitating; ask a combat veteran, or someone who suffered childhood misadventure. And memory can be exhilarating: think about the time you first met that special  person in you life.

If we’re fortunate, recollections continue to float to the surface of consciousness. We celebrate anniversaries, mourn losses, share old fellowships, and play Jeopardy. But how do we sort out the order of this jumbled collection of events and happenings of a lifetime? It seems a calendar is necessary. What happened before this? Did that really come after such and such? And for many of us, numbers that end in zero mark special occasions to recall past events with solemnity or joy.

Through all of 2018, now about to close, every month has evoked a vivid memory from fifty years ago. Fifty, a nice round number ending in zero. Vivid recollections. All too vivid. Continue reading “Christmas 2018”

Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to our blog. We are a retired couple living in Eastern Ohio. Susan taught English at several Christian schools. Bill is retired from accounting and finance. We spend our days reading, travelling, birding, and watching the grand kids grow–albeit from the distance of Ohio to California. We hope our blog reflects our love of life, people, and places.