Our Visit to Bryce Canyon

Our day started out cold, a mere 52 degrees. It went from 52 to 80 in about 15 minutes, though. I am only slightly exaggerating; it may have been 20 minutes. Following the recommendation of the information we had, we parked outside the park and took the shuttle in. Although the parking lots seemed empty at first, they filled up quickly with few available spaces to accommodate a steady stream of cars. Bill and I decided to ride the shuttle full circle to get a better idea of the layout.  On our return trip into the park, we were delighted to see a few mule deer by the side of the road. The littlest still had its spots. Continue reading “Our Visit to Bryce Canyon”

Utah’s Scenic Byway

What a wonderful day this has been! Right after we entered Utah, we stopped at a Visitors’ Center to get information and try to find the best route to Bryce Canyon, where we are staying for a couple of days.  A very helpful lady told us to take RT 24 then RT 12, the most scenic route in the state.  I have to say that I never imagined some of the landscapes we saw.  It far surpassed anything we saw traveling along I-70 the last time. The size of some of the rock formations and the contrasting colors were just amazing! Every time we went around the bend, there was something else to see. I took so many pictures, but I think I have put more than enough on FB. Continue reading “Utah’s Scenic Byway”

Kearney, Nebraska

Folks in the Cornhusker State seem to appreciate pronunciations that are a bit off-kilter to most Americans. Beatrice, a town due south of the State Capitol Lincoln, is spoken Bee-AT’-riss, with the accent on the second syllable. Kearney is pronounced Carnie, as in county fair concessionaire. Counter-intuitive to most, perhaps, but the folks here won’t have it any other way. Perhaps it’s a clever method of identifying out-of-towners. Continue reading “Kearney, Nebraska”

Westward Soon!

We’re looking forward to our upcoming trip to California to visit Amanda, Mark, Sage, Hazel, Wren, Tosh, and Morgon siblings.  Also looking forward to seeing some friends from our Long Beach years. We’re driving this time around. Our first stop will be Portage, Indiana. Nice having plenty of time to travel–we don’t feel rushed & can take a leisurely pace crossing the USA. Departing in just a few days!