Crossing the Rocky Mountains

A change of scenery is good for the soul, I think. Since yesterday’s entry into Colorado, we have seen some spectacular sights. I have been waiting for this trip since two years ago, when we traveled back to Ohio in the snowy spring weather. Yes, I am still talking about that!

Today’s travels took us across the Rocky Mountains. I’ve put up a few pictures on FB, but really, no picture can do justice to the beauty that surrounded us. Bill drove us over the mountains, a trip that actually takes longer than I had thought. I spent my time snapping pictures every few seconds while he had to concentrate on driving. We were fortunate to not be heading east, as the traffic was a bumper – to – bumper crawl. There is just no way to do justice to the mountains; no photograph that I took came close to capturing what I was seeing. The mountains are truly incredible.  As we continued west, I took over behind the wheel, something that I think Bill regretted later.  I kept commenting on what I was seeing, when, in fact, I really only should have been paying attention to driving. But, oh my goodness! Even beyond the mountains, the landscape was spectacular. High rocky bluffs bordered both sides of the highway as we traveled along beside the Colorado River.

There were a couple of memorable sights that I couldn’t snap a picture of fast enough. One was a bighorn sheep. I have been hoping to see one for a long time, and today I finally did. Then there were the remains of a homestead, with only the stone fireplace standing and a bit of foundation. I can’t help but wonder how long it has been there. Who built it? What family lived there?Farther along was an old shack with a small stone building a bit behind it.  There was one more thing that made me wonder, and it’s something I am going to look up later. Along the side of the highway, there appeared to be a grave. Now, it may have been a memorial, because I can’t imagine someone being buried just a short distance off the road. There was a rather large plaque on the ground, and if I remember correctly, some flowers and maybe a wreath. Maybe it is an older grave of someone of importance to the area.  These are the pictures I would like to have taken, but they will have to remain mental snapshots.

I started by saying a change of scenery is good for the soul, and I truly believe it. We see things differently when we are in unfamiliar surroundings. We think about different things and consider different angles. But mainly, we feel a stirring of interest, a longing to know more, and , for me, at least, a joy in the journey.

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