Our Visit to Bryce Canyon

Our day started out cold, a mere 52 degrees. It went from 52 to 80 in about 15 minutes, though. I am only slightly exaggerating; it may have been 20 minutes. Following the recommendation of the information we had, we parked outside the park and took the shuttle in. Although the parking lots seemed empty at first, they filled up quickly with few available spaces to accommodate a steady stream of cars. Bill and I decided to ride the shuttle full circle to get a better idea of the layout.  On our return trip into the park, we were delighted to see a few mule deer by the side of the road. The littlest still had its spots.

The first stop was Bryce Point. My first glimpse was impressive. Farther down the walk, though, was a scene even more spectacular. I could hardly believe the view in front of me. I find myself at a loss for words, so it is a good thing that I can post pictures on FB.  ( I apparently liked one picture so well that I posted it twice – oops! )Those rock formations, called hoodoos, were just stunning, and their color is so beautiful! I didn’t want to stop looking. First, I took picture after picture, to get that out of my system, and I then spent the time just taking it all in, looking first at the overall view, and then studying the detail more closely. Then I took a few more pictures for good measure.

Our second stop was Sunset Point, which was just as spectacular as the first stop. It was getting more crowded by this time, so we opted to head on out afterward, stopping first at the Visitors’ Center. ( Books! Need I say more? ) We may venture back in tomorrow to see another viewing area, but we  spent all morning there today, taking our time with each stop, and we feel we have seen plenty. We will probably go to an area located just before the park’s entrance. It’s called Fairyland Point. Now, I just can’t resist that!

The clouds were rolling in as we were leaving, and the thunder began to rumble , so we were glad we had decided to go. The afternoon remained cloudy, windy, and rainy, and we enjoyed some reading time until supper. There may have been a nap involved at some point.

Our country is filled with so much beauty; it just fills me with awe. What a wonderful Creator we have

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