Utah’s Scenic Byway

What a wonderful day this has been! Right after we entered Utah, we stopped at a Visitors’ Center to get information and try to find the best route to Bryce Canyon, where we are staying for a couple of days.  A very helpful lady told us to take RT 24 then RT 12, the most scenic route in the state.  I have to say that I never imagined some of the landscapes we saw.  It far surpassed anything we saw traveling along I-70 the last time. The size of some of the rock formations and the contrasting colors were just amazing! Every time we went around the bend, there was something else to see. I took so many pictures, but I think I have put more than enough on FB.

RT 12 took us to quite a high elevation, and the overlooks from there were stunningly beautiful. There were two sections that  Bill thinks the lady at the Visitors’ Center said were boor backs, or something like that. (I need to look that up. Anyone know?) They were highly elevated sections of the road where there were only the two lanes, the shoulder, and very little else, with a vast expanse of scenery to both the right and the left and very far down. It’s really rather scary! No guardrails!

Tomorrow we go to Bryce Canyon, and I am looking forward to getting more pictures. I’ll try to restrain myself, but you are all so kind to put up with my endless postings. My biggest hope is that the gift shop will have some great books!

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