Westward Ho!

The first day’s drive to Portage, Indiana, went smoothly. Good weather and light traffic. As usual, Susan’s time driving encountered all the construction zones–which abound on the Ohio Turnpike. The second day’s drive was more challenging. Very heavy rain at the Mississippi River border of Illinois and Iowa, and when we arrived in Grinnell, Iowa, we were ready to crash for a nap before dinner, but instead heard the TV announcements of Tornado warnings all through central Iowa. We grabbed a bite to eat at the very good Frontier Diner in Grinnell, then hunkered down in our room with our eyes affixed to the TV coverage of storm activity, worsening from a tornado watch to a tornado warning. We were fortunate here in Grinnell, as Marshalltown to our north and Pella and Bondurant to our south sustained very bad property damage from active tornadoes. The watch condition ended at 10:00 PM, after which we both got much needed sleep for the night. Next stop: Kearney, Nebraska, about six hours down the road.

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